For Medical Professionals

For Medical Professionals

At our Boulder Mind Care and Transcendent Ketamine of Colorado offices, we partner with mental healthcare professionals in northern Colorado to provide new hope for patients through ketamine infusion therapy.

As an experienced, highly trained board-certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Grindle has been administering Ketamine intravenously for over thirty years. He is very comfortable monitoring patients during an infusion, and knows the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic subtleties of this medication. He also has a deep respect for the fragile state of some patients with severe mental health challenges.

For more information about Dr Grindle, go here.

Click on this link for more details on why you should refer your patients for Ketamine Infusion Therapy to us.

Dr. Grindle feels strongly that a team-based approach is in the best interest of his ketamine infusion patients. We require direct confirmation of the mental health diagnosis of all new patients before beginning treatment, from the patient’s current or previous Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Therapist, or other appropriate healthcare professional qualified to diagnose and treat mental illness. We also strongly advocate for ongoing psychotherapy.

If you are referring a patient to us, please use either our Confirmation of Care form, located  here,  or our Referral form located here. We also encourage you to call us to discuss the clinical history of your patient with Dr. Grindle.

For more information on our Treatment Protocol, click on this link.

For more information about Ketamine therapy in the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, migraines, chronic pain, and alcohol and substance abuse, see our research articles listed here.



Last year my husband fell into a bad episode of depression.  As the months went on the depression progressively got worse and worse.  EVERY aspect of his life was affected.  He wasn’t even able to continue working because of being non-functional. Read more
My life has changed after going to Dr. Grindle and starting ketamine infusions. “Changed my life” doesn’t do it justice. I’ve suffered from depression since I was 15 and diagnosed at 42, but depression continued to rule my life for the next 14 years. My psychiatrist prescribed every antidepressant and combination of antidepressants for those... Read more
Ketamine therapy has been the most effective tool I’ve found for processing grief, trauma, and difficult emotions. I’ve experienced profound healing through ketamine treatment and ketamine assisted psychotherapy treatment from Boulder Mind Care. I feel like a could of depression has lifted and I have renewed energy to do the things I love. pursue my... Read more
My husband and I were so lucky to stumble upon what I believe is one of the best ketamine clinics in Colorado. Not only are Dr. G and Sarah meticulous about administering treatment, but they’re also compassionate caregivers who are dedicated to improving the mental health and lives of their patients. I don’t doubt we’re... Read more
As a military vet with treatment-resistant, bi-polar depression, I am so grateful for the compassionate care Sarah and Dr. Grindle give me. My entire outlook has transformed into a more positive, life-loving, passionate one, and those closest to me ALL noticed the difference and continue to do so. Read more
I was amazed to find that Ketamine actually helped a lot, made me feel like I had not felt in a long time! I was living without depression, and without any side effects. Sarah and Dr. Grindle have been amazing. Read more
Doctor Grindle has put his life into this work, and it truly shows. Sarah and he are a great team and I am so grateful for everything they’re doing. They made a huge difference in my life. Read more
I can say with absolute certainty that I am alive today as a result of meeting Dr Wade and Sarah. You see just over a year ago I went to the ER with a burst appendix and after an extensive surgery they were not able to control the severe pain that I was having. The previous... Read more
After a lifetime of struggling with depression, finding Dr. Grindle and ketamine has changed my life. Read more
My son has been receiving ketamine treatment here for about 1.5 years now, and it has been the key difference in treating his major depressive disorder. It pushed the depression back enough to allow him to feel hope, and be able to focus on learning and implementing strategies to make his life worth living. Read more
First of, it was great to actually talk to someone who wanted to hear my problems right off the bat, not just fill a spot and become a number. These guys are stellar and go beyond what is asked, to staying late on Saturdays and answering the phone outside of business hours. Finding the nerve... Read more
My care there has helped me greatly. I trust Dr G with everything and I know in total confidence that Ms Sarah cares. I feel as if I have a team of caregivers who assist me to living my very full active and productive life. That they are on my team to help me bloom... Read more
There aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary to adequately express all the ways I would passionately and enthusiastically I recommend Boulder Mind Care. Dr. Wade, Sarah, and Stacie were the most capable, compassionate, and loving people we have had the pleasure of meeting. My daughter and I traveled from Maryland to be treated at Boulder... Read more
I personally have lived with my PTSD for 26 years. Thanks to Boulder Mind Care I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in over 2.5 decades. I’m finally present for my family. I’m enjoying real quality time with them. Read more
I highly recommend this treatment and office! My experience was profound and relaxing. It gave me a more objective view on my traumatic experience and I now feel like I can live my life. The office and treatment room feel very welcoming and comfortable. I am usually a very anxious person but I felt good... Read more
We knew we wanted an anesthesiologist to administer the treatments and fortunately for us, we discovered Boulder Mind Care. Honestly, your practice was not what we expected. It is much more intimate than we could have imagined. I feel like you know our son so well and you took the time to make us feel comfortable, knowing that we were traveling from out of state. Your total picture approach is amazing. Read more
After my initial consultation with Dr Grindle, I had my first ketamine infusion, and I had a dramatic improvement in my depression and anxiety. Later, at Dr Grindle’s recommendation, I tried “Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy” wherein I did therapy with my therapist while receiving ketamine at the same time. Ketamine by itself was incredible; ketamine and therapy simultaneously was miraculous. The ketamine enabled my therapist to walk with me through and process traumatic memories; in a way that was not painful or difficult. As a result, I had my most productive sessions ever! Read more

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