Treatment Protocol

The following is an overview of our treatment approach at
Boulder Mind Care.

Information Gathering

Prior to coming in for your Initial Consultation, please complete our online Confidential Patient Questionnaire and return it electronically. Please fax us any lab work results from the last two years, if you have any. This website operates on a secure server (SSL protected) and has sitelock web security so all information you provide is encrypted, HIPAA compliant, and safe.  We also need you to complete the Authorization to Release Medical Information form, so that we can contact your provider to document your diagnosis and discuss your treatment history prior to your first face-to-face visit with us. Although we do not necessarily need a referral, we do require a documented diagnosis from a mental health professional.

We require a 50% deposit of our $390 fee (=$195) at the time of scheduling your Initial Consultation. Our consult fee covers our reviewing your history, talking with your mental healthcare provider, and our face to face consult with you. We accept cash, certified checks, credit cards, and CareCredit.

Initial Consultation

We ask all of our patients to come in for a face-to-face visit prior to the day of the first infusion. During this visit, we will review your medical and mental health history, answer your questions, discuss ketamine infusion therapy, and explain what to expect in more detail. In addition, we may order and/or obtain relevant laboratory tests at this visit, as well. We request that you help us to obtain these results as soon as possible. Certain conditions, such as low vitamin D levels, anemia, low testosterone, etc. can contribute to or even be the primary cause of depression and anxiety.

We strive to maximize the probability of helping you overcome your depression, utilizing the most current clinical research, our medical judgement, and your individual medical history. If we feel you are an appropriate candidate for ketamine infusion therapy, and you want to proceed, we will then schedule your initial infusion series. At the same time, we reserve the right to refuse treatment based on our clinical impression.

Therapeutic Ketamine Infusions

The protocol is to administer an initial series of six infusions over a two to three week span. (We will work with you if you cannot strictly adhere to this schedule, but it is best to try to begin your treatments as closely to this timetable as possible.) Overall, about 75% of patients experience a significant reduction in their depressive symptoms.

Before we begin your Ketamine infusions, we will ask you to continue, or resume, some form of ongoing ‘talk therapy’ with an appropriate mental healthcare provider. We also require a 50% deposit ($345) of our $690 infusion fee, payable by cash, credit card, certified check, or CareCredit at the time of scheduling. This deposit is fully refundable until 48 hours before your appointment. Each infusion runs between 40 to 60 minutes; you should expect to be with us for a total of 90 minutes to two hours for each infusion.

For more details, see the “Day of Treatment” section below.


After your infusion, we encourage you to rest the remainder of the day. Most patients feel mildly sedated or drowsy for several hours afterwards. We will follow up with you by phone the next day to see how you are doing. Also, we will monitor you with daily, one-question text messages in a convenient manner to ensure success.

As mentioned, our ketamine therapy patients are asked to continue an ongoing relationship with a mental health care professional, such as a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. As the ketamine stimulates the regrowth of depression-stunted neural tissue and synapses in the brain, many patients attain new breakthroughs in therapy during this window of opportunity.

While ketamine is a powerful and paradigm shifting tool, it is ideally utilized in concert with other essential elements of an overall holistic treatment plan such as counseling, exercise, good nutrition, adequate sleep, meditation, journaling, etc. Ketamine enables the motivation, energy, and positive attitude to allow one to fully participate in the these activities.

The reduction in depressive symptoms after the initial series of six infusions lasts for about 5 weeks on average, with a range of 3 weeks to two months for most people. After the initial course, subsequent single maintenance infusions are typically required. Your level of involvement with the above-described aftercare likely also impacts the need for and frequency of follow-up infusions.

‘Day Of Treatment’ Instructions

On the day of your infusion, we recommend that you not eat anything for at least 6 hours prior to your appointment, to minimize the risk of nausea and vomiting. You may drink clear liquids (water, broth, juice, black coffee, tea etc) in moderate amounts for up to two hours ahead, to avoid dehydration.

On your day of your treatment at Boulder Mind Care a responsible friend or family member is required to drive you to and from the clinic. Wear comfortable clothing. Please bring any required paperwork, also you MUST bring a Government-issued Photo ID.

Upon arrival to the clinic, you will be asked to briefly complete forms to assist us in assessing your progress. You will be seated in a comfortable reclining chair.  After a quick consultation with Dr. Grindle, a small IV will be placed in your hand, arm or leg.  During the infusion, we will closely monitor your vital signs and mental state. Your  companion may stay quietly in the room with you if you like, although this is not required. Infusions for depression last for approximately 1 hour, and most patients  recover from the infusion within 20-30 minutes. For more details see “What is the experience like?” in the FAQ section. Expect to be at our facility for a total of 1 ½ to 2 hours. You should not drive a car, operate heavy machinery, or make any important legal decisions for 24 hours after your infusion.